The JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN ĀYURVEDIC SOCIETY (JEAS), edited by Rahul Peter Das and Ronald Eric Emmerick, was the organ of the European Āyurvedic Society (EAS), founded in 1983 in Groningen, Netherlands, as a forum for scholars resident in Europe who have an interest in Ayurveda. It was superseded in 2001, after five issues had appeared, by the journal TRADITIONAL SOUTH ASIAN MEDICINE, which, since it continues the JEAS, begins with volume 6.

The JEAS was published by: Dr. Inge Wezler, Verlag für Orientalistische Fachpublikationen, Bernhard-Ihnen-Straße 18, 21465 Reinbek, Germany. Unfortunately, the publisher is no longer in business, so that it is not possible to obtain back numbers from this address. Some back numbers were available from the publisher Dr. Ute Hempen Verlag, Carl-Schurz-Straße 87, 28209 Bremen, Germany, but that publisher was bought by another publishing house; this may have some back numbers left, though that is doubtful. The address is:
        Helmut Buske Verlag GmbH
        Richardstraße 47
        22081 Hamburg
        Tel.: +49(0)40-299958-0
        Fax: +49(0)40-299958-20

However, all five volumes are available in facsimile on the webpages of

The list of contents of the five volumes published may be viewed here: JEAS volume 1 (1990); JEAS volume 2 (1992); JEAS volume 3 (1993); JEAS volume 4 (1995); JEAS volume 5 (1997).

The European Āyurvedic Society has ceased being active.