Traditional South Asian Medicine

Traditional South Asian Medicine

Founded by Rahul Peter Das and Ronald Eric Emmerick (†)
Edited by Rahul Peter Das
ISSN 1618-1522
Vol. 6 (2001): ISBN 3-89500-230-5, price EUR 39,–
Vol. 7 (2003): ISBN 3-89500-356-5, price EUR 39,–
Vol. 8 (2008): ISBN 978-3-89500-626-5, price EUR 39,–
Published by Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag (Tauernstr. 11, 65199 Wiesbaden, Germany, e-mail:

Traditional South Asian Medicine (previously Journal of the European Âyurvedic Society) is a scholarly journal devoted primarily to the study of all aspects of traditional South Asian medical systems, particularly, but not exclusively, the Ayurvedic tradition. It features not only historical and philological studies, but also such as concern themselves with living traditions, including their interaction with non-South Asian medical traditions both modern and pre-modern, and their practical application. The journal is, however, also open to research on matters relating to the human body or issues of health and hygiene in traditional South Asia even when not placed within the context of a particular medical system. Since the journal’s aim is to publish only contributions of a high standard, it does not appear regularly, but only when enough contributions of such standard justifying the publication of a new issue have come together. No comparable journal with the characteristics mentioned is currently being published; as such, Traditional South Asian Medicine is unique.

Since it continues the Journal of the European Âyurvedic Society, of which five volumes were published, Traditional South Asian Medicine begins with volume 6.

Instructions for contributors: Contributions may be in English, French or German, but the use of English is preferred. Longer contributions in a language other than English should be accompanied by an English summary. Priority will be given to contributions submitted as electronic files and written with WordPerfect under MSDOS or Windows. If other word-processors are used, the text should be submitted in plain ASCII format. For bibliographic and reference styles, please see printed copies of the journal already available.

Unsolicited books cannot be returned to their senders but will be reviewed at the editor's discretion. All correspondence is to be addressed to: The Editor, Traditional South Asian Medicine, Dorotheenring 5, 25451 Quickborn, Germany (

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